Why Choose Us

Food is always a point of discussion, be it a corporate meeting, Wedding hall or a social party

What is common to all of them is the taste of food and the attitude with which its served

Precisely why, we at Ramana’s stress on providing just the right taste of Vegetarian delicacies that your occasion demands.

We are specialized catering Services in Chennai to a variety of events, big or small. the size doesn’t matter

Well-known for our outstanding service, delectable cuisines & meticulous planning, we add spice to every occasion and make every occasion a perfect cause for celebration.

Our experience, proficiency, and commitment to personal service is epitomized in our

  • - planning, selection of innovative menus,
  • - execution of arrangements to the minutest detail ensuring that, your event is coordinated to clock work precision and executed with élan - the way you want it to be.
  • - You can play the perfect host and later contemplate on the happy tidings.

Ramana’s takes pride in preparing mouthwatering delicacies that make your event truly memorable one.

Our attentive staff takes due and thorough care of even the smallest details at events, to enable you to celebrate culinary delights with your loved ones.